Video reflections

Olga Kristiane Lydert Wittenborg, cand.merc.psyk and Nina sperling, cand.merc.psyk


Nina sperling, cand.merc.psyk and Sofia Borup Baggesen, cand.merc.fsm


Peter Græsbøll Holm, cand.soc


Peter Græsbøll Holm, cand.soc and Olga Kristiane Lydert Wittenborg, cand.merc.psyk


Mie Holmboe Olsen, Master in EBA and Sara Winum, cand.merc.psyk

Quotes – Selected feedback

“We started talking about what one does when feeling stressed, and to which I answered that I withdraw. When I am sitting in a situation and feeling stressed, I can feel that my mood is changing, and I would rather be by myself. I hadn’t considered this before we started with the cards.”

“You learned how others feel when you are pressured but you also got the opportunity to evaluate yourself. It also made you closer with your fellow students by talking about something we don’t normally do. “

“There was someone who answered that they preferably want to speak to people when feeling pressured, and that surprised me a little bit because I feel quite the opposite.”

“I felt formulating the way I respond, made a bigger understanding of myself. I already knew some of these things but formulating the way I respond with words, helped to open up more to my thoughts.”

I thought: “Is this really how I am?”. It was in a way a surprise even if I already knew it. It also surprised me that I allowed myself to be open. Because I felt safe in the group I was in, and I just wanted to open up more and listen to the others even more.

“It is cool to know that you’re not the only one that feels this way and that it is hard for everyone sometimes”

“I was very surprised by the fact that it was very easy for everyone to talk about situations where we have been stressed and not least that it is something we so often all experience.”

“In the start, I was very reserved and withholding but that surprisingly changed”

“By talking with your classmates, you get this amazing feeling. That everything is not about homework and assignments, but you could open up whilst your fellow students listened extensively and gave feedback on how they feel about the same topics we talked about.”

“That we all respond differently under pressure, however, we nevertheless share some of the same feelings”

“The dilemmas/questions were really good and created situations we all recognized. It is nice that it was solution-oriented so that you got an understanding of how others feel about help and how to help others in different situations. To hear others’ mindsets in relation to the problems was helpful”

“First of all, I learned something new about my fellow students which have done so that I better can help them in the future. Talking about how sometimes it is hard and difficult to study with some of my fellow students meant that I found out that I was not alone with those thoughts which gave me a sense of security. You also got to know yourself a little more when you had to think about how you felt/how you want to react.”