Students testing the cards

In the videos below, you can watch four students use the dialog cards for the very first time. The students have not seen the content of the cards before making the videos which will allow you to observe the students’ “live” reactions and reflections. The students Tobias (cand merc. It), Amalie (cand merc. Jur), Sebastian (and merc. Psyk.), and Emilie (Ha. Almen) come from different studies at CBS and therefore represent a diverse group. One of the many things the group addresses in videos is how a supportive community and openness helps them as a student. Furthermore, the dialogue cards aim to contribute to a constructive cooperation amongst students which is one of the nine concepts from the Nordic Nine


Video one “At række hånden op”

In this video, the students address how challenging it can be to raise their hand and speak up during a lecture. One of the students explains that she especially feels uncomfortable in lectures where there are a lot of students participating.


Video two “Reaktioner på utilstrækkelighed”

In this video, the students address how they would feel and react in a situation where they are pressured and not certain of how to solve an assignment


Video three “Utilstrækkelighedssituationen…at alle andre har styr på det”

In this video, you will hear the students reflections on the following: “Research shows that it differs how we react when we feel pressed. How others can help us when we feel pressured also varies. Many students
feel better when they learn they are not the only one under pressure


Video four “Utilstrækkelighedssituationen – Gruppearbejde”

In this video, it is discussed how one can feel inadequate, when feel you are not able to contribute to the content of an assignment during group work:


Video five “Myten om den ideelle CBS-studerende”

In this video the students address how focusing on ideals of high or “perfect” performance can produce a stress-inducing environment where they can feel significant pressure to live up to unrealistic ideals:


Video six

In this video, you can observe the whole dialog.